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TX Precision Matches

TX Precision Matches was created for shooters that “just want to shoot.” Many shooters don’t have the time or desire to become involved in all of the behind the scenes work that goes into putting together a Precision rifle Match.  We have been involved in shooting and hosting Precision rifle Matches on a local and national level for several years.

We take pride in the Matches we produce and fully understand that the work put into a Match will reflect in the outcome.  We aim to provide a challenging course of fire that is fair for all types of shooters.  We stay away from stage designs that Benefit left or right handed shooters or favor one particular body type over another.  We don’t design stages that require expensive specialized gear.  The Match should be won on skill, not an equipment budget.

We believe the shooter that makes precise shots and hits the most steel should and will come out on top at each Match.

In the spring of each year, we host a precision rifle Match to Benefit the Lone Survivor Foundation.  This is a national two day Match with over 150 shooters from the US and Canada.  The Match is the only true Benefit Match of its kind where all the work is donated by volunteers and all the Match proceeds are donated.  Everyone gets fed extremely well, but nobody gets paid for their time.  A formula that raised over $32,000 for the Lone Survivor Foundation the first year and over $40,000 in 2017.  We are grateful to have over 100 volunteers including TX PRC shooters, Texas A&M students and supporting families volunteering their time and services to give back to those that have given so much for us.

New Shooters

This is what Kevin K. had to say about his first TX Precision Match.

The Newbie – this past weekend was an absolute blast! While I have done a bit of shooting in my life I have never been to a single competition and am new to the long range game. That said I decided to take the plunge and go to my first TX Precision Match. I am happy to say I had an great time learning from a great group of guys! I was hoping to hit at least one target but actually chalked up 20 on a course that isn’t easy. 
Every person I spoke with was courteous and really tried to help me with tips and pointers. Dave and Prentice were fantastic and introduced me to some great talent. There wasn’t a single stage that someone didn’t give me some type of tip that improved my shot. 
I highly recommend jumping in feet first and joining the March competition. You won’t be disappointed. I am looking forward to my next match and I hope to see you there!

Our Mission

To provide well thought out and designed precision rifle matches that challenge the pro as well as the new shooter in a friendly relaxed and safe atmosphere.  To provide an environment where comradery and competition complement each other.

Our Vision

To grow the sport of Precision Rifle shooting in a safe and professional environment.  To provide quality targets, props and range conditions.  To create a challenging course of fire that increases the skills of every shooter.  To accept shooter feedback to improve the overall experience.


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