I’m interested in participating, how do I go about getting started?

This is a very common question from new shooters.  Many ask if they can come out and watch a match to get an idea of what to expect and the answer is of course and there is no charge to watch.  We always tell them and they agree, once they watch a stage or two, to bring their rifle and gear ready to shoot.  The shooters are helpful and the environment is friendly.  There are enough shooters in a squad to watch what others are doing, ask questions and then give it a try yourself.  Other shooters will help you with technique, wind calls and equipment.

This is what Kevin K. had to say about his first match experience.

The Newbie – this past weekend was an absolute blast! While I have done a bit of shooting in my life I have never been to a single competition and am new to the long range game. That said I decided to take the plunge and go to my first TX Precision Match. I am happy to say I had an great time learning from a great group of guys! I was hoping to hit at least one target but actually chalked up 20 on a course that isn’t easy. 
Every person I spoke with was courteous and really tried to help me with tips and pointers. Dave and Prentice were fantastic and introduced me to some great talent. There wasn’t a single stage that someone didn’t give me some type of tip that improved my shot. 
I highly recommend jumping in feet first and joining the March competition. You won’t be disappointed. I am looking forward to my next match and I hope to see you there!

Are there classes of shooters?

New Classes for 2018 Monthly Matches

We are initiating a new shooter classification system for monthly matches in 2018. This is being done to provide shooters a fair representation of where they stand against their peers. We all know that a new shooter will not compete well against a seasoned national match winner. While the experience of shooting with top level shooters is invaluable, we want shooters to be able to compete against those shooters at their level.

Shooters will be classified based on the percentage of score as compared to the top shooter at each match. There will be 5 classes of shooter:

Pro – 80% and above
Expert – Above 50% but below 80%
Marksman – Below 50%
Gas Gun – Gas gun shooters shooting the bolt gun COF
Fast Gas Gun – Gas gun shooters shooting the faster paced time plus COF

A shooter will move up to the next class once they have scored in the next class bracket for 2 matches. Shooters will not move down in class once they move up.

Seasoned shooters that have shot at least 3 matches in 2017 will be classified to start 2018 based on the top 3 match scores for 2017. New shooters will automatically default to the Marksman class. Once a Marksman shoots 2 matches and scores above 50%, they will become an Expert.

Each month the top shooter in each class will receive a TX Precision Matches Camo-Hex Performance T-Shirt. Shooters must remain at the match until the scores are computed to receive their T-shirt. Scoring will be done on Practiscore and results are quick.

Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 shooters in each class at the end of they year based on the top 3 scores for the year plus the end of the year finale match score which will count for 25%. Once a shooter moves up a class, the shooter is eligible to compete for a trophy in the class they finish at the end of the year.

What is your match schedule?

Match Schedule

2018 Match Dates

Sat 13 Jan – Bolt/Gas Gun Match
Sat 10 Feb – Bolt/Gas Gun Match
Sun 11 Feb – 22 LR Match
Sat 10 Mar – Bolt/Gas Gun Match
Fri-Sun 6-8 Apr – Lone Survivor Match
Sat 14 Apr – Bolt/Gas Gun Match
12 May – Bolt/Gas Gun Match
Sat 9 Jun – Bolt/Gas Gun Match
Sun 10 Jun – 22 LR Match
Sat 14 Jul – Bolt/Gas Gun Match
Sat 11 Aug – Bolt/Gas Gun Match
Sat 8 Sep – Bolt/Gas Gun Match
Sun 9 Sep – 22 LR Match
Sat 13 Oct – Bolt/Gas Gun Match
Sat 10 Nov – Bolt/Gas Gun Match
Sun 11 Nov – 22 LR Match
Sat 8 Dec – Bolt/Gas Gun Match

Range: CCC Shooting Complex, 9010 Bob Moore Rd, Navasota, TX 77868

Match Registration & Zero: 0700-0800
Match Briefing: 0800
Match Start: 0830

What is a typical match itinerary?

The Match Timeline is:

0700-0800  Shooter Check in and registration

0800-0830  Confirm Zero

0845- 1400  8 Stage Course of Fire

This is a good estimate for 40-50 shooters at a 1 day match.  Depending on the number of shooters, we may run 4 squads or 8 squads.  Being ready to go when it is your turn to shoot will make the match flow smoothly.

How many rounds do I need for a 1 day Match?

You will typically need no more than 100 rifle rounds for a 1 day match.  Normally, we do not shoot any pistol stages, if there happens to be pistol in a particular match it will be identified in the match description.  100 rounds will give you enough to confirm zero, shoot 8 stages in a match and have enough rounds to re-shoot a stage using a mulligan if desired.

What hotels are nearby?

La Quinta $99 Rate for Lone Survivor MatchCall 979-704-6100 & ask for match rate

Holiday Inn

Comfort Suites

Home2 Suites

Quality Suites

Candlewood Suites

Holiday Inn Express

Homewood Suites

Staybridge Suites

Four Points Sheraton

Best Western

Hampton Inn

Hawthorn Suites


Hilton Garden Inn

Fairfield Inn


Hyatt Place

Days Inn

What type of rifle can I shoot?

A bolt or gas gun up to 300 Win Mag in caliber.

The rifle should be capable of shooting 1 MOA or better and should have a scope capable of dialing elevation out to at least 1200 yards.  The rifle should be zeroed and the shooter should have the means to obtain accurate ballistics data for the rifle and ammo via a Kestrel or smart phone ballistics app.  Bullet velocity is restricted to 3200 fps and may be randomly checked.

What kind of gear do I need?

You will need the following to shoot a match:

Rifle & Scope

100 Rifle Rounds


Rear Bag

Backpack to carry gear

Ballistics Computer – Kestrel or phone app

Wind Measuring Device

Optional Recommended Items include:  Wiebad pump pillow, Wiebad Fortune Cookie Bag, water/sports drinks, snack/food, shooting mat, spotting scope or binoculars

Can I Ship Ammo if traveling for the Lone Survivor Benefit Match?

Yes, you may ship ammo and or other items to the match.

Please address to:

TX Precision Matches

3701 Stevens Creek Ct

College Station, TX 77845

Please let Prentice now you plan to ship something to him prior to doing so.  Please do not require a signature for delivery.

Can I shoot at CCC Shooting Complex anytime?

CCC Shooting Complex is a membership only range facility.  If you are shooting a match, you do not have to be a member.  Your match fee covers you for the day.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please visit: http://cccshootingcomplex.com/membership/

CCC Shooting Complex offers a discounted membership to our shooters.  To inquire please call Nikki at 936-825-8600.  Memberships are yearly and prorated quarterly.  All of our props are available to our shooters to train on with CCC membership.


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