TX Precision Matches

TX Precision Matches

Precision Rifle Competitions on a World Class Range

Our matches are held at the CCC Shooting Complex in Cawthon, TX which is an 800 acre privately owned range facility conveniently located 15 minutes south of College Station, TX.  We have the ability to run over 40 different stages at our matches with distances to 1100 yards plus.  Most of our all steel targets are in a natural field setting without berms behind them, which gives us a unique ability to change targets and locations to keep things fresh.  Our JC Steel Targets are designed to react to impacts and provide the shooter with feedback on impact location.  We have a wide variety of constructed props and natural settings to shoot from at CCC Shooting Complex. 

CCC Shooting Complex is one of the few ranges in the country where you will find massive TX live oak trees to shoot under in the hot TX sun.  We design a course of fire with a balance of prone and positional stages in mind to test and develop the skills of our shooters. 

PRS Shooters Like Our Matches

The 2016 Lone Survivor Foundation PRS Benefit Match was created and directed by the same shooters that now run TX Precision Matches.  The Precision Rifle Blog surveyed the top 100 shooters in the precision rifle series in 2016 to see what their favorite match was.  The Lone Survivor Foundation PRS Benefit Match ranked near the top of the list.  An honor that the top PRS shooters found our match one of the best ran and enjoyable long range matches in the country.  Not bad for a first time effort out of 30 plus PRS matches!


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